Monday, 20 June 2016

Godrej Properties Free gift Hamper @ Four-Play/ Hamper Value!!!

Four Play !! 

Hello, my people , I want to talk about yesterday 19 June 2016 was cool.

I was invited to a famous play Called ''Fourplay'' i went during my Fasting  break my fasting in the theater.
The play basically is about 4 couples and there so misunderstanding very funny...u will enjoy very much.

The play start by 7:50 pm!!

When I came in the auditorium by 7:00pm to get my ticket , I saw two ladies with much publicity about Godrej and a table and they having two Baskets and I ask one of the ladies how can I get one of them. 

She said u have to fill u a form is a basically Phone Number, Email, Name and u have  options to change your home or office I have to provide an idea and I can choose one of the  options 1- Green Living , 2- Desing living , I choose green living and type the climate is change and we need a change for better live like furniture with recycling materials ETC.

After I finish that I was thinking so confident one of that basket will be mine so the announcement  after finish the play . 
when the play end. You have to believe my dear people I win !!

I have the basket with me!! 

This is the basket !!!
( I will do a review of this basket and the Worth is INR 1585 in 4 Products 2 more not have price)

Review Here :

and !!! when will be the next show i will let you know also u can book. by book my show!!

I meet part of the cast of the play !!! here some photos....

I hope you like my gorgeous experience !!

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