Tuesday, 21 June 2016

SKIN 18 / English Version


My Dear Friends , I want to tell you about a famous and amazing company who is based in hong kong with gorgeous Korean products ,they can make your life change with this products ...

The products are !! Sheet Masks yeah !  to make you feel relax and hydrating and make feel your face like a baby skin. fresh and cares and nourishes your skin with the famous serum that comes in all sheet masks.

everybody is using it, guys, also!!  Most women in Latin America, Asia, America and other continents and are using !!

there are so many options, you can see here

 For all different skin types, there are fruits, vegetables ... imagine that also have potato mask !!! all the nutrients can have!

Also, have Sheet mask of collagen , have others with 3 steps . if you want to take care and pamper your skin you have to see and buy in the wonderful website!!

 this is how looks like.....

They have they own app in Google Play :
 type SKIN18 in Google Apps...

In your shopping there an option you can choose free sheet masks in the option 'freebies' you can choose max 8 sheet mask apart from ur shopping and also they will send you more you have to pay your shipping order, depend of your country is different and also pay to depend the weight of the package .  I will leave all the link so you can check better .

For your payment you have 4 options to be select from :
1- Pay by Credit card (Shopify)- Visa, Master Card, American Express,  DinersClub, JCB,                                                  Discover , Diners Club.
2- Pay By PayPal - Visa , Master, AmericanExpress,DinersClub, 

3- Bank Deposit/Western Union Transfer.

Quick payment and checkout /
On the Shipping cart page , you have two options 

- ' Checkout' - Go to the Checkout page
- ' Paypal  Checkout'  - Express Checkout link directly to Paypal 

if you not have Paypal account
 Login here : 

For more payment information here
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