Saturday, 25 June 2016


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Today I want to share with you guys about SKIN18 Sheet Mask FRESH FRUIT HONEY from MIRUM . How I feel, what happened , after, how looks ..

the Quality about this sheet mask , I want to said about sheet mask is new for me. Before i didnt know nothing about SKIN18. But when I knew it and trying this sheet mask is amazing so quickly.


"I'm Typing with the sheet mask in my face , In the moment I open the sheet mask have a so tasty smell of fruits i dint know how to explain and feel so yummy and so well packaged so i toked out and I apply in my face with the quality of 100 cotton . I can see little of the amazing serum so i keep it .
I started to feel something refreshing in my skin and cool so is also good moisturized  I love it so much so in the 30 minutes is happening and I will remove now but I want to explain in the time was working the sheet mask, I started to feel sleeping relaxing and finish my 30 minutes, I removed, my face start feeling very soft . i give a massage with the serum in my face is very hydrating and is not sticky is really nice and my face is incredibly soft. I cleaned my face before using the sheet mask and thanks again SKIN18 ... i will go to sleep after this amazing pampering!!!"

5/5 Review 
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