Saturday, 25 June 2016

SKIN18 Unboxing and Beauty Hamper!!!!

The Revolution of 2016, SKIN18!!!

Hello, I want to share with you guys , The lovely box I received and unboxing it,  I want to show you what I got in this order with SKIN18...

First I want to thank SKIN18 for this gorgeous box...

This is how my box look...

I ordered three boxes and my package was not so big, I think because I dont receive in the  boxes how the actually look in the website ....  also I took some freebies, choose from the website , and i was more happy, when i received more freebies...

They said you will receive your order in 7-14 days. But i received it very quickly
so exited!!.  I was waiting for my order and lot of coupons with discounts in to my email .... there is right now int he website  "CRAZY DISCOUNT COUNT DOWN" with lot of discount hurry!!! 100% DISCOUNT  will end soon .....

WHen i open the box i can see everything very clean and well package.

I want to tell you is very important to check when is the date of expiry in each sheet mask. Because we dint want to apply in our face something like that ...So in each sheet mask .


I will start to showing you what i got ...

----The first box is from Nature Republic , In this box there are 5 Sheet Masks----

  • Nature Republic Mask Sheet Rose.
  • Nature Republic  Mask Sheet Aloe Vera.
  • Nature Republic Mask Sheet Green Tea.
  • Nature Republic Mask Sheet Bamboo.
       Nature Republic Mask Sheet Shea Butter.

If you want to get this box order here:

-----The next box is from the brand MIRUM , also they have 5 Sheet Masks -----

  • Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey.
  • Mirum Collagen Natural Mask Pack. 
  • Mirum  Fresh Fruit Cucumber.
  • Mirum Fresh fruit Green Tea.
  • Mirum Fresh  Fruit Aloe.

    If you are interested in this box Click here:
The next box is from the brand  BEAUTY FRIENDS II we get in this pack  6 Sheets Masks

  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Coenzyme Q10
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Pearl
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Syn-Ake
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Snail
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet mask Red Ginseng
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Collagen 
You Are Interested in this box? Order Here:

I'm very happy with all I got .. I think for this monsoon I will have a lot for  relax and  pampering myself.. also for making lot of review with all Sheet Masks ...:)

I got lot of freebies also, i choose in the website and they send me some more Free!! 

This is 30 Days BEN&SERA ANTI - AGING Proyect also Free!!

Well guys i hope you like my unboxing!!
 If you wanted to see my video you can click here

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