Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Think Frill - La Duchess Box - Start from INR 249 !!!!

Hola Amigos!! today we will know something happens every month ( period)

I know what your favorite time each month is…
And I bet it’s every week except the week of your cycle.
Let’s be honest here: “that time of the month” just isn’t fun.
Seriously, who wants to wear white pants or a bikini on the first day of their period?
All the women I know loathe their time of the month. Brushing our hair and wearing non-elastic pants are big accomplishments. Red lipstick and white garments of any sort are out of the question.

I want to provide you 4 ways to take care during your period!!

 Give yourself time to rest especially on the first day.2- Do low-intensity exercise.3- Eat Well ( Fruits and vegetables ).4- Take a soothing hot bath ( is helping you to feel relaxing). 

For all this days  also we have some surprises for you !! is called Think

I receive my package and this hows look like !! very perfectly protected!!

This how looks after open the package....

For all Ladies !!! Today i will show you  about a subscription period  box  for  our days when we want to pamper ourselves.

The name of this amazing box is called Think Frill is a monthly subscription box  with so many goodies to make you feel relax and caring yourself .... 
There are 3 Types of Boxes !!!

All boxes are in good accessible price and some snacks also, who not feel eat some sweets or chocolate in the morning when you are in these days!!

i will show what i get my box / Duchess La Coffer 

This amazing box make my day, Its pink looks cute and all the products are inside !!!

1- KRONOKARE The lavender lotion (so that your skin feels soft and smells divine )

2- TEMPO Sanitize (to keep you safe from germs and infections )

3- TYPHOO  Tea (two great flavors for you to enjoy while beating those cramps and rejuvenating your skin with all those antioxidants)

4- JOLLY RANCHER Lollipop(cater to your sweet tooth with delicious lollipops.

5- 3 amazing coupons from  Mc Donald's , Pizza Hut , Domino's Pizza.

6- Pads or panty liners, Tampons of your preference  ( You can choose from the website)

6 Gorgeous products for 249 INR is fabulous!! :))

Order Your Box here: 

So please dont wait for more time and please buy the box what is accordingly to you!!!

The also have shop store!!

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