Thursday, 21 July 2016

My Laptop Lenovo has problems ...

Hello Guys,

hows everybody!!!

I want to apologize about been missing on my blog all this time too I couldn't post anything after a long time...

  I couldn’t post anything because my laptop has several problems. The company of my laptop is LENOVO;   I buy it in January wait! Let me check the bill. Oh!   For been exactly was (18 January 2016) is recently I buy it. And a month ago start with a lot of problems. Camera problem, scrolling button always go down when I want to select a program itself to select another program The audio for recording is $%^&  . My screen is dark I use the light of the phone so like that I can see on my screen.  I was working and suffering and the same time.

It’s crazy and very sad and lot of stress  and I was thinking  lot of things, ‘You are part of my family and always I like to share with you everything what is happening around me or what I’m doing or any other reviews ..  I have to think about a solution!.  I have to use husband laptop! J  He always use for his work so I ask him if can I  use his laptop told him is an emergency and also I was tired of using mine , I’m living in 5th floor and I was thinking to throw it  from the balcony   J sorry for my crazy mind but is very frustrating ...   so he said he will let me know .. Next day he agreed ...

 I start to using his laptop. Also, I typing some Spanish so I don’t want to convert his laptop into Spanish  aha hahaha  he will get very  angry . I was using only English updating everything and also I contacted Lenovo Support and they are very difficult they don’t have much patience.  I send them emails they said you have to send a video with the problem ... when I make the video the bitch I call my laptop like that because she is working ok when I want to make the video L .. after I send the video  I think 10 or more seconds from husband phone, also my tablet is Lenovo and the camera are :p  and  video sends they can’t see , I found LENOVO support chat online on their website( I will leave you the links ). You know some people who don't know much about computers like for example they know  the basics things like using  Google Chrome and basics programs ok. But going to control panel for explaining you need a lot of patience and the guy a helping me I feel don’t has.

Why I said about that?

Because I live in India and I was working for a company have a contract with one company of USA and I was working in my native language Spanish. Like the same contact support and assist the customers in troubleshooting.   And I can sure tell you I was having a big patience... if I lose my patience I try to control because sometimes people doesn’t know how to use much the laptops...   was taking sometimes more the one hour to assist them because some people doesn’t know how to use it .

I know how is the situation and I was thinking the sure have more patience, but I can’t make them change and after my internet connection went  away L , why there are providing me help online, here, is raining and that was another problem for try to fix my laptop.

My husband went to work and I start to use his laptop and type all this in Microsoft Word for after when the internet comes I can post. All this info also can be useful for you maybe. Think two times before to buy a LENOVO because for me it’s not good but if you have and is good for you, I’m so happy for you really!!

I will provide you the links about Lenovo and let’s see I think to  have to try tomorrow to contact them for assist me, the good part I copy all chat I was having with them so I can show to the next guy who will help me .. I will keep you update if you wanted to know more what happened...

With all my Love ,
Always Smile and be happy!!

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