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Skin 18 Hydrogel Eye Patch For Wrinkle , Brand LUKE ...

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I want to share with you guys about like how the title  says is from skin 18 , if you don't know what is skin18 , please fee free to check my previous comments. Skin 18 is based in Hong Kong.
so there a lot of products in skin18 here you can see

I want to share with you guys my review about this product but I will talk about this and their function:

- Help to reduces obvious lines and wrinkles
- Refreshing and moisturizing
- Visible Anti- Wrinkle Effect & Elasticity

also more info:

- Contains Q10 This helps increase the elasticity in the skin
- Hydrogel - having excellent moisturizing function

And there more info you can get I will provide you the link if you want to buy this product , there are three types more of this product with a differents functions. depends on what will suit you.

How I get this product ?

I get the product for review for bloggers you can see my post about that and you will see this product, I got 4 completely free ...

Ho to use this product?

1- After cleansing, dry with a towel.
2- Peel off the patch from the plastic liner and apply onto the desired area it is helpful to apply eye cream or essence before.
3- leave for 20 or 30 minutes and remove the patch.
4- After removing the patch no rinsing is necessary.

So this is how to look and the short video you will see soon on youtube with one more product for review

My review :

I never try this product but since I saw on their website I wish could have and Skin18 read my mind they send me in my blogger package!. so happy and today  I read the instructions because also are in English  is very important first read the instructions I'm tried and when I opened i see to patch color blue cute  I was not sure about the direction how to apply but i hope i do very well  I apply on my face and I was feeling little hot   and tight  in my eye and feel  was working i relax for 30 min and when I removed I saw the results the eye patch was  very elastic and nice and cold  , I saw a difference I like how looks there a  very softener in my skin and definitely I will try more, my friends

4/5 ****

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