Thursday, 21 July 2016

Skin18.. Are you a blogger? My Blogger Review Package Free!!

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How everybody!!

I want to Share with you Guys about Skin 18 Skincare Korean Beauty, if you don’t know what it’s please feel free to check my other post about it Also this is their website .

The News of Skin18 is everywhere!! Yes... Skin Korean products are 100% to good. A lot of Sheet Masks and other more different type of products they are more skincare them makeup and has been working for me. If you are a blogger and you will love to try some Sheet masks Free!! Yes, free...   and give a very honest review like if you try it is really working for you... so please feel free to email them to  with all your social media ( Instagram, Twitter, YouTube channel , Blog ( if you have)and others social media more ).

You will send all your links and they will check and you will receive an email with their approval or not, they will let you know so be patience. ( please check the info here )

I receive my first Package free, I’m so happy!!!  And I want to share with you...


My package I receive very fast like 10 days sometimes less time , and it was raining so was open I was so worried,  but  the bubble wrap was closed and with that is much protected and also has another plastic bag so nice!!! that is my sheet masks and my bill in colour blue, the other paper is saying your freebies arrived! I will show you each Sheet Masks I receive and soon you will see my review...

The First Sheet Mask is from the brand MIRUM Fresh Fruit Avocado

The Second Sheet Mask is from the Brand L’AFFAIR ANIMAL Sheet Mask  Wrinkle Tiger


The third Sheet Mask is From the brand Sense Of Care SOC  3D  and is Rice Wine

My fourth  is Hydrogel  Eye PatchFor Wrinkle from the Brand LUKE


In a case you want to by and try from your end,  I will provide you the links , if you see in each sheet masks there is a sticker saying free with the logo Skin18 ... and I  not will lose time to try these Sheet Masks.

don't waste time try and apply !!!

With all my love
Always be happy and smile !!

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