Thursday, 21 July 2016

Skin18, Review Fresh fruit Avocado Sheet Mask .

Hello my Dear Friends,

I want to show you my experience with Fresh Fruit Avocado Sheet mask...  is something change my style of thinking about some sheet masks for me are very strange to try it .

 I hope you like It, Please comment and let me know if you like it (Your comments Are very important for me ).

I’m very honest with my reviews always , And I want to tell you when I receive my blogger package , I have to say my life change...
I n the beginning when I check the website and I make my first order one of the boxes have the brand Mirum, Mirum have to different type of boxes I will show you the link so one box has avocado sheet mask and the other box is different so I choose the box who not have avocado, ok !. so that not call my attention I was thinking is not so important I was running away from that sheet mask , so I receive my bloggers package  and I receive 4 sheet masks and can you believe one of them was avocado
 I said nooo now what I will do?, I have to try !
So I try it and my mind change completely!  I can’t believe....  I opened the sheet mask and have very tasty but different smell I don’t know how to describe. Then I apply into my face and start to feel like the sheet mask was taking my face and tight, yeah! I don’t know why I always feel sleeping with Sheet mask? J. I Wait until got dry , I have to say is very moisturizing and hydrated  after I removed from my face was looking very glowing and was so smooth my face.

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I change my mind completely about this type of sheet mask avocado has a lot of benefits.

If you think same like me, Change your mind because work amazing!!

5 Star..

With all my love!!
Be happy and always smile

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