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Sheet mask 3 Steps from the brand #Sense Of Care Aqua Ringer | Skin18

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i know more about Skin 18 but is the lovely sheet mask who are changed for me my skin is very smooth and lovely. I tried other
sheet mask and this come with 3 steps from the brand SOC ( Sense Of Care)  and they said is good for sleep and more when you 
a very tired day , So if you wanted to know more bout this sheet mask stay reading this post . 

if you interested in this Korean products you can see the logo of Skin 18 enjoy!!!

So like how was saying about this sheet mask have 3 Steps and i will speak about each step ...

My Review was about this sheet mask 

1 Step 

Is a  Facial foaming & Soft Peeling its like a cream but i was feeling like face wash because
everything is written in Korean language and i cannot understand. Then i apply all over   my face and i give a massage of 2 minutes and wait for 5 minutes and wash my face was really smooth and if you see my video you can see my skin i think that was basically for cleaning the face .

2 step: is the cotton sheet mask Aqua Ringer from sense of care , and this sheet mask have a smell like a baby cream 
and usually i opened and i apply in my face and have to wait for 20 minutes ad also i have some time to take some pictures
in the part up of my lips i was feeling like scratching for few seconds and i removed from my face and i was loving the look of my face.

3 Step : Anti - Aging Night cream ( White Therapy ) is a basically a white cream thick and having the same smell and I apply over my face and 
circular massage all over my face and with that massage I feeling totally sleepy and my skin is very soft and my nose waw.  I never feel it so soft .
and when i wake up next day my face still smooth  and soft, Totally i recommend this sheet mask feel is a miracle I will name it like that.

5****/ *****5

my family I want to inform you I purchase this sheet mask with my own money you know when its free i always tell you and show you and my opinions are totally  honest . 

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