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Skin18 Review Sheet Mask Beauty Friends II Coenzyme Q10

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I want to apologize for not been post , i was having some medical problems and because of that i was unable to post for you!!

Today is other Sheet mask in #Colaboration with Skin18  to try it and provide you my review..

if you want to buy this or other sheet mask the link you get in this blog !!!

im getting addicted to korean skin care also is good for begginers who dosent know much about skincare products , this korean products have very good results and is so easy to use . when we have a short time and we want to pamper ourselves the best thing is apply a sheet mask and relax for max 30 minutes.

I will share some info about this sheet mask :

This sheet mask contains Coenzyme Q10 wich effective for keeping skin anti- wrinkle and preventing skin from aging. It makes you feel that your skin becomes much elastic and younger .
Its great protection against pollution and harmful substances wich may damage your skin , it helps the skin get rid of free radicals while stimulating regeneration and repair it also cleans and its great moisturizer .

How to use it
1-  wash your face and soothe it with toning water to be absorbed
2-  apply cotton sheet mask fro 20 - 30 min
3-  remove mask and do not rinse , allow excess moisture to be absorbed . 

                                              My opinion 
I must tell you what a great experience i had once i opened this pack to apply the sheet mask of Beauty friends, as soon as i ripped open the pack the aroma of the pack whiffed around the whole room, the smell was so refreshing and exhilarating that i could not stop sniffing it. I opened the pack and layered the mask over my face , i have used other products of the same brand and till now i have not been disappointed . This mask the moment it  was over my face the liquid started doing what it does best, It took over my skin and i felt something soothing and cool over my skin, This is why i guess most Korean people , in fact Asian people from China and Philippines and other Asian country's have such nice skin and hair that its beyond compare.

This sheet mask is so amazing im so lucky this sheet mask work for me and i recomended for you guys ,

5 *****/*****

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