Saturday, 25 June 2016


Hola Amigos ,

Today I want to share with you guys about SKIN18 Sheet Mask FRESH FRUIT HONEY from MIRUM . How I feel, what happened , after, how looks ..

the Quality about this sheet mask , I want to said about sheet mask is new for me. Before i didnt know nothing about SKIN18. But when I knew it and trying this sheet mask is amazing so quickly.


"I'm Typing with the sheet mask in my face , In the moment I open the sheet mask have a so tasty smell of fruits i dint know how to explain and feel so yummy and so well packaged so i toked out and I apply in my face with the quality of 100 cotton . I can see little of the amazing serum so i keep it .
I started to feel something refreshing in my skin and cool so is also good moisturized  I love it so much so in the 30 minutes is happening and I will remove now but I want to explain in the time was working the sheet mask, I started to feel sleeping relaxing and finish my 30 minutes, I removed, my face start feeling very soft . i give a massage with the serum in my face is very hydrating and is not sticky is really nice and my face is incredibly soft. I cleaned my face before using the sheet mask and thanks again SKIN18 ... i will go to sleep after this amazing pampering!!!"

5/5 Review 
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SKIN18 Unboxing and Beauty Hamper!!!!

The Revolution of 2016, SKIN18!!!

Hello, I want to share with you guys , The lovely box I received and unboxing it,  I want to show you what I got in this order with SKIN18...

First I want to thank SKIN18 for this gorgeous box...

This is how my box look...

I ordered three boxes and my package was not so big, I think because I dont receive in the  boxes how the actually look in the website ....  also I took some freebies, choose from the website , and i was more happy, when i received more freebies...

They said you will receive your order in 7-14 days. But i received it very quickly
so exited!!.  I was waiting for my order and lot of coupons with discounts in to my email .... there is right now int he website  "CRAZY DISCOUNT COUNT DOWN" with lot of discount hurry!!! 100% DISCOUNT  will end soon .....

WHen i open the box i can see everything very clean and well package.

I want to tell you is very important to check when is the date of expiry in each sheet mask. Because we dint want to apply in our face something like that ...So in each sheet mask .


I will start to showing you what i got ...

----The first box is from Nature Republic , In this box there are 5 Sheet Masks----

  • Nature Republic Mask Sheet Rose.
  • Nature Republic  Mask Sheet Aloe Vera.
  • Nature Republic Mask Sheet Green Tea.
  • Nature Republic Mask Sheet Bamboo.
       Nature Republic Mask Sheet Shea Butter.

If you want to get this box order here:

-----The next box is from the brand MIRUM , also they have 5 Sheet Masks -----

  • Mirum Fresh Fruit Honey.
  • Mirum Collagen Natural Mask Pack. 
  • Mirum  Fresh Fruit Cucumber.
  • Mirum Fresh fruit Green Tea.
  • Mirum Fresh  Fruit Aloe.

    If you are interested in this box Click here:
The next box is from the brand  BEAUTY FRIENDS II we get in this pack  6 Sheets Masks

  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Coenzyme Q10
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Pearl
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Syn-Ake
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Snail
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet mask Red Ginseng
  • Beauty Friends II Sheet Mask Collagen 
You Are Interested in this box? Order Here:

I'm very happy with all I got .. I think for this monsoon I will have a lot for  relax and  pampering myself.. also for making lot of review with all Sheet Masks ...:)

I got lot of freebies also, i choose in the website and they send me some more Free!! 

This is 30 Days BEN&SERA ANTI - AGING Proyect also Free!!

Well guys i hope you like my unboxing!!
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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

SKIN18 - Beauty Skincare/ Boys give opinions about sheets masks !!!

YES its possible that guys can also use Sheet Masks ?

Of course!!! They are using it and they love it , I have the evidence!!

Aloe Soothing Waterful Oasis Mask From Four Seasons '

I tried it  with a guy asking if its possible if he can use the sheet Mask , He thought its only for women, but i explained that he can try and see the same results . He wasn't sure . So i told him, I want to do an experiment on you !!

HE was looking little Scared but I told him don't worry,  i want you to use a sheet mask and i also want your opinion about it, so he said , he will think . next day he said YES...

He came and I cleaned his face, I used the sheet mask Aloe Soothing Waterful Oasis Mask From Four Seasons ' and i told him you have to rest for maximum 20 min. He agreed .

After 20 MIN' 

  And his opinion was:

"Skin 18 sheets  Masks  Aloe vera ( Four Seasons) mask was my first experience, and to be honest I did not expect it to be so refreshing, as the procedure began, I felt something very soothing and cool on my face and in just  a few seconds I was feeling so fresh and as if I was in a high-end  Beauty salon , after 20 minutes  the mask was taken off , the smoothness of my skin was almost like new, as if I was touching the skin of a newborn baby , this was really a great product , and easy to use, without any mess, and the best part is it comes in different types of masks. I highly recommend that one should try it at least once – Thank you".

As you can see he changed his mind , Now he is asking me for more !!!

In SKIN18 there are Sheets Mask for guys they also have for 7 Days Sheet Masks

If you are a guy and also interested like my friend Click here: :

You will get more and at very amazing prices !!!

But more important You have To Login:

Do It !!!

YOU Will Be Loved like how I Love !!!


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SKIN 18 / English Version


My Dear Friends , I want to tell you about a famous and amazing company who is based in hong kong with gorgeous Korean products ,they can make your life change with this products ...

The products are !! Sheet Masks yeah !  to make you feel relax and hydrating and make feel your face like a baby skin. fresh and cares and nourishes your skin with the famous serum that comes in all sheet masks.

everybody is using it, guys, also!!  Most women in Latin America, Asia, America and other continents and are using !!

there are so many options, you can see here

 For all different skin types, there are fruits, vegetables ... imagine that also have potato mask !!! all the nutrients can have!

Also, have Sheet mask of collagen , have others with 3 steps . if you want to take care and pamper your skin you have to see and buy in the wonderful website!!

 this is how looks like.....

They have they own app in Google Play :
 type SKIN18 in Google Apps...

In your shopping there an option you can choose free sheet masks in the option 'freebies' you can choose max 8 sheet mask apart from ur shopping and also they will send you more you have to pay your shipping order, depend of your country is different and also pay to depend the weight of the package .  I will leave all the link so you can check better .

For your payment you have 4 options to be select from :
1- Pay by Credit card (Shopify)- Visa, Master Card, American Express,  DinersClub, JCB,                                                  Discover , Diners Club.
2- Pay By PayPal - Visa , Master, AmericanExpress,DinersClub, 

3- Bank Deposit/Western Union Transfer.

Quick payment and checkout /
On the Shipping cart page , you have two options 

- ' Checkout' - Go to the Checkout page
- ' Paypal  Checkout'  - Express Checkout link directly to Paypal 

if you not have Paypal account
 Login here : 

For more payment information here
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Monday, 20 June 2016

SKIN18 (Spanish Version)

Asi es amigas y amigos !!
Es la mejor compania  de korea que ofrece mascarillas faciales para hacerte sentir : fresca , relajada , cuida y nutre tu piel con el mas famoso serum y la mascarilla que hacen que tu piel sea como de un bebe...

La mayoria de las mujeres de latinoamerica , Asia , America y en otros continentes ya las estan usando!!

Tienes tantas opciones!!

Para todos los  diferentes tipos de piel , hay de frutas , vegetales ... imaginate que tambien tienen mascarilla de papa!!! todos los nutrientes que tendra!

tambien hay de colageno, hay de varios pasos . si lo que quieres es cuidar tu piel y consentirla no dudes en comprar en este hermoso website .

tambien en tu compra puedes escojer gratis mascarillas se llaman''freebies'' en ingles y puedes escojer hasta 5 o mas ...  tienes que pagar el envio de tu orden te voy a dejar los links para que depende del pais donde vivas puedes ver cuanto seria tu pago dependiendo del peso del paquete...

para pagar tienes dos opciones:

1- Paypal ( si todavia no tienes una cuenta en paypal aqui te dejo el link )
                es basicamente una cuenta que abres con tu tarjeta de debito
                 o credito y tambien agregas tu cuenta bancaria y asi puedes hacer
                compras por internet.

2- Tarjeta de credito

Recuerda chequear bien tu direccion de envio y tu order antes de darle a la opcion comprar!!!

Espero te haya servido esta informacion , si necesitas mas info no dudes en contactarme..

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Godrej Properties Free gift Hamper @ Four-Play/ Hamper Value!!!

Four Play !! 

Hello, my people , I want to talk about yesterday 19 June 2016 was cool.

I was invited to a famous play Called ''Fourplay'' i went during my Fasting  break my fasting in the theater.
The play basically is about 4 couples and there so misunderstanding very funny...u will enjoy very much.

The play start by 7:50 pm!!

When I came in the auditorium by 7:00pm to get my ticket , I saw two ladies with much publicity about Godrej and a table and they having two Baskets and I ask one of the ladies how can I get one of them. 

She said u have to fill u a form is a basically Phone Number, Email, Name and u have  options to change your home or office I have to provide an idea and I can choose one of the  options 1- Green Living , 2- Desing living , I choose green living and type the climate is change and we need a change for better live like furniture with recycling materials ETC.

After I finish that I was thinking so confident one of that basket will be mine so the announcement  after finish the play . 
when the play end. You have to believe my dear people I win !!

I have the basket with me!! 

This is the basket !!!
( I will do a review of this basket and the Worth is INR 1585 in 4 Products 2 more not have price)

Review Here :

and !!! when will be the next show i will let you know also u can book. by book my show!!

I meet part of the cast of the play !!! here some photos....

I hope you like my gorgeous experience !!

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Think Frill - La Duchess Box - Start from INR 249 !!!!

Hola Amigos!! today we will know something happens every month ( period)

I know what your favorite time each month is…
And I bet it’s every week except the week of your cycle.
Let’s be honest here: “that time of the month” just isn’t fun.
Seriously, who wants to wear white pants or a bikini on the first day of their period?
All the women I know loathe their time of the month. Brushing our hair and wearing non-elastic pants are big accomplishments. Red lipstick and white garments of any sort are out of the question.

I want to provide you 4 ways to take care during your period!!

 Give yourself time to rest especially on the first day.2- Do low-intensity exercise.3- Eat Well ( Fruits and vegetables ).4- Take a soothing hot bath ( is helping you to feel relaxing). 

For all this days  also we have some surprises for you !! is called Think

I receive my package and this hows look like !! very perfectly protected!!

This how looks after open the package....

For all Ladies !!! Today i will show you  about a subscription period  box  for  our days when we want to pamper ourselves.

The name of this amazing box is called Think Frill is a monthly subscription box  with so many goodies to make you feel relax and caring yourself .... 
There are 3 Types of Boxes !!!

All boxes are in good accessible price and some snacks also, who not feel eat some sweets or chocolate in the morning when you are in these days!!

i will show what i get my box / Duchess La Coffer 

This amazing box make my day, Its pink looks cute and all the products are inside !!!

1- KRONOKARE The lavender lotion (so that your skin feels soft and smells divine )

2- TEMPO Sanitize (to keep you safe from germs and infections )

3- TYPHOO  Tea (two great flavors for you to enjoy while beating those cramps and rejuvenating your skin with all those antioxidants)

4- JOLLY RANCHER Lollipop(cater to your sweet tooth with delicious lollipops.

5- 3 amazing coupons from  Mc Donald's , Pizza Hut , Domino's Pizza.

6- Pads or panty liners, Tampons of your preference  ( You can choose from the website)

6 Gorgeous products for 249 INR is fabulous!! :))

Order Your Box here: 

So please dont wait for more time and please buy the box what is accordingly to you!!!

The also have shop store!!

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Sunday, 5 June 2016


OH Cute Box

Oh cute box is a beauty subscription box that has   deluxe size of beauty and grooming product samples. Every month, you get 5-6 Beauty Products in each box. The price of June box is in INR 590. [Use coupon code for 100 rs Off] code- OHCUTEBOX100

"Beauty Products Handpicked by Experts, Beauty box that is customized for you"

if you want to see the video Unboxing and review see here:

How It Works?

Select a plan (1 month, 2 months, 3 months), fill out your beauty quiz (inside your account , and they will send you a box filled with 5 to 6 products and free shipping. 

Also they have other  boxes and the  price and if u like please buy, they are amazing and cute products  available new in India !

1- If you want to try more  sheet masks from skin 18 you can buy from here there is a   5 Best Seller Face Masks by skin 18  INR 250 rupees  The best and famous natural face mask together inside one box .

2-Beauty Box + Lip Creams  INR 690 limited edition,valid for limited time,Beauty Box with 6 Best Beauty Products from Top Skincare Brands in India along with Miss Claire Lip Cream.

3-Nature box  INR 499 get 6 Best Beauty Products from Top Skincare Brands in Travel Sizes hurry  last two days

4- Natural Box Gift INR 200  there is not any description above

Limited box edition” 
1- NATURE Gift Box INR 1300 rupees 

8 Products inside :After Bath Oil ,Face & Body Wash ,Aloe Vera Shampoo, Anti-Hair fall oil, Pure Rose water, 3 Face Masks.

2- May Limited Edition Box for INR 1000 rupees 

Get 8 Products in one box. || Handpicked by Experts. || Limited Time Offer.|| Top Beauty Brands you will get : 2 hair-care products.4 skin care products.2 Face Masks

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