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Skin18 Review Sheet Mask Beauty Friends II Coenzyme Q10

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Today is other Sheet mask in #Colaboration with Skin18  to try it and provide you my review..

if you want to buy this or other sheet mask the link you get in this blog !!!

im getting addicted to korean skin care also is good for begginers who dosent know much about skincare products , this korean products have very good results and is so easy to use . when we have a short time and we want to pamper ourselves the best thing is apply a sheet mask and relax for max 30 minutes.

I will share some info about this sheet mask :

This sheet mask contains Coenzyme Q10 wich effective for keeping skin anti- wrinkle and preventing skin from aging. It makes you feel that your skin becomes much elastic and younger .
Its great protection against pollution and harmful substances wich may damage your skin , it helps the skin get rid of free radicals while stimulating regeneration and repair it also cleans and its great moisturizer .

How to use it
1-  wash your face and soothe it with toning water to be absorbed
2-  apply cotton sheet mask fro 20 - 30 min
3-  remove mask and do not rinse , allow excess moisture to be absorbed . 

                                              My opinion 
I must tell you what a great experience i had once i opened this pack to apply the sheet mask of Beauty friends, as soon as i ripped open the pack the aroma of the pack whiffed around the whole room, the smell was so refreshing and exhilarating that i could not stop sniffing it. I opened the pack and layered the mask over my face , i have used other products of the same brand and till now i have not been disappointed . This mask the moment it  was over my face the liquid started doing what it does best, It took over my skin and i felt something soothing and cool over my skin, This is why i guess most Korean people , in fact Asian people from China and Philippines and other Asian country's have such nice skin and hair that its beyond compare.

This sheet mask is so amazing im so lucky this sheet mask work for me and i recomended for you guys ,

5 *****/*****

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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Skin18 Coupon | Short post

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Today will be a small post about skin 18...

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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Sheet mask 3 Steps from the brand #Sense Of Care Aqua Ringer | Skin18

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i know more about Skin 18 but is the lovely sheet mask who are changed for me my skin is very smooth and lovely. I tried other
sheet mask and this come with 3 steps from the brand SOC ( Sense Of Care)  and they said is good for sleep and more when you 
a very tired day , So if you wanted to know more bout this sheet mask stay reading this post . 

if you interested in this Korean products you can see the logo of Skin 18 enjoy!!!

So like how was saying about this sheet mask have 3 Steps and i will speak about each step ...

My Review was about this sheet mask 

1 Step 

Is a  Facial foaming & Soft Peeling its like a cream but i was feeling like face wash because
everything is written in Korean language and i cannot understand. Then i apply all over   my face and i give a massage of 2 minutes and wait for 5 minutes and wash my face was really smooth and if you see my video you can see my skin i think that was basically for cleaning the face .

2 step: is the cotton sheet mask Aqua Ringer from sense of care , and this sheet mask have a smell like a baby cream 
and usually i opened and i apply in my face and have to wait for 20 minutes ad also i have some time to take some pictures
in the part up of my lips i was feeling like scratching for few seconds and i removed from my face and i was loving the look of my face.

3 Step : Anti - Aging Night cream ( White Therapy ) is a basically a white cream thick and having the same smell and I apply over my face and 
circular massage all over my face and with that massage I feeling totally sleepy and my skin is very soft and my nose waw.  I never feel it so soft .
and when i wake up next day my face still smooth  and soft, Totally i recommend this sheet mask feel is a miracle I will name it like that.

5****/ *****5

my family I want to inform you I purchase this sheet mask with my own money you know when its free i always tell you and show you and my opinions are totally  honest . 

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The Warpaint Toolkit For begginers

Hello Girls ,
We need to know how to using the correct brush to compliment your makeup is half battle to won , Brush up on your collection with this guide for using the right tool. Sometimes maybe we use the wrong  brush ... or maybe we have lot of brushes and we don't use all and you know for what is the use . So in this post we will know the basic for a go make up .

Sometimes we have also 3 o 5 basic brushes and before buy  more you will like to know more information about brushes so you can buy it , that also happened to me and because of that i want to help you with this blog so you can know is very important .

I will mention basic tools if you don't have then you will know how to use it !

Brow Brush 
Use this to comb your brows, apply brow pomade to set it in place and remove clumps of mascara from your lashes.You can even use a toothbrush for your brows.

Eyeshadow Brush 
Ditch  the sponge applicators that come with your eyeshadows and buy separate brushes. Use dense brushes to pack a product and fluffier ones for blending. Interchanging them will lead to pandalike eyes.

Lip Filler This is for precise outlining and filling in colour, pic a lip brush. It will make your color stay longer and help avoid bleeding too.

Blush Brush
The Blush brush is not longer restricted to colouring your cheeks. It can also be used to dust loose powder ( with larger brushes) or even for strobing, that is applying shimmery shades on your cheek bones and darker ones beneath to get a dewy look.

Fan Brush
You have to use it to dust of loose powder and finish your make-up or to highlight your cheeks or the bridge of your nose. Based on your strokes, the shape of the brush can help create soft looks and also conture.

Eyeliner Brush

The cateyes are in no mood go out of trend and a fine, angled brush is perfect for them Thinner and firmer is better Use a similar brush to fill in your brows too.

Angled Brush
Then technique of contouring, popularised by reality TV star  Kim Kardashian, involves using different shades of foundation, bronzers and highlighters, to shape your face and add definition. an angled brush can be used to defined lines of your products, which can then be blended with flat top or other blending brushes.

Concealer and foundation brush

The flat, dense brush is designed to cover large areas of your face with foundation. You can pick and angled brush for contouring your cheeks and chin. Concealer brush is smaller in size and perfect to cover select blemished areas.

Oval Brush

The latest beauty tool entrant, the oval brushes come in various sizes and bloggers claim they are miracle foundation and base product blenders!. Based on the size and the angle, you can use it to  apply bronzers, blush, and conture too.

Blender sponge 

Don't confuse this for a simple piece of sponge. Blender sponges, popularized by the brand Beautyblender, used wet, can help apply foundation, cream blushes and primers. The shape is designed such that the pointy end can be used to reach creases and the round bottom for larger areas.
since they are wet, they don't absorb the product and hence, save on money too.

Kabuki brush 

The Kabuki brush gets its name from the Japanese drama called Kabuki, where the actors used this brush for their routines. The short brush with a large head can be used for blending, applying loose powder and blush if you use light strokes. Like many powder brushes, it comes with a flat top too.

My friends i hope so this information is a big help for you maybe you have one of this tools and you don't know for  what is , but know you know  please check my other posts and don't forget to  comment. 

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